Unzipped V-Neck

It's been a while since my last outfit post! Since Daylight Savings, it's been harder for me to take photos outside since it gets pitch black by the time I get home from work or dinner. My weekends have been fully booked for the past month as well, but we finally had the chance to take these one morning. Yay! : )

I ordered this blouse from Sheinside last month because I thought the zipper detail was unique. There are a lot of v-necks out there that are too low for my personal taste, so I thought it was neat how this one allows you to "adjust" how deep the V goes. I still opted for a cami underneath, but you can definitely rock it without one like the ladies in the Style Gallery. I thought the peach coloured one was pretty, but I seem to be buying different variations of the same item lately so I'll hold off (for now)...

Alsoooooo... haven't worn my YSL ring in ages!! (nor has anyone else, for that matter) I bought it a few years ago when it was super popular among fashion bloggers. Maybe now that it's not considered trendy anymore, I can take it out and be "unique". ;D

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  1. Love the Zara mini skirt and I love the fact that the V-neck sweater can be adjusted, I also find that some V-neck sweaters are too low cut for my liking.

  2. so good!:) xx