Review: Barrington Gifts - St. Anne Tote - Glen Plaid

By popular demand, Barrington Gifts have expanded their availability to Canada and the E.U.! Thanks to your opinions on Instagram and Twitter, I picked the plaid one. : ) I was lucky enough to be one of the first in Canada to own this bag and I wanted to write a little review for you guys in case you're interested in using it for work or school. The only issues I have with the bag is that there is no zipper and the interior lining feels rough. Despite the two things I just mentioned, the rest of the bag is perfect. Continue reading below to see my review and comparisons to my two Longchamp bags.

Exterior: This bag is made of a tough ballistic nylon with Florentine leather base and straps. It's hard to put a dent or scratch on it and any spills or water drops can be wiped off easily.

Interior: The interior is a basic cotton lining that is off-white. There's one zipped pocket and three additional pockets that can fit your phone, a pack of gum, or other necessities. The downside about the interior is that it's rough to the touch. It would be amazing if we were able to customize the pattern, colour, and/or material of the lining in the future!

Pricing: I own two Longchamp totes that cost around the same price as the St. Anne Tote. For the bag's quality and uniqueness, the price is pretty decent.

Customizations: You can customize the bag's colour, pattern, and logo on the exterior leather patch. You may add up to three characters or leave it as the Barrington logo. Go ahead a play around with the settings! It's actually a lot of fun. ; )

Where to buy:

Sizing: 20"L x 13"H x 5"D; Strap drop: 9"
The St. Anne Tote is only slightly longer than my two Longchamp totes (see below), but it's noticeably wider than them. The longest pair of brown straps you see below belong to the navy Longchamp bag. While the St. Anne Tote is rather large for everyday use, it's perfect for work and school. I can fit my necessities as well as a laptop, water bottle, and a lunch bag.

Longchamp Le Pliage (large, navy)
Longchamp Planete (large, black, discontinued)
Outfit details:

H&M sleeveless red blouse
Old Navy waffle knit sweater
Helmut Lang skinny jeans
Halogen 'Marlie' pumps in leopard print
Ray-Ban Oversized Clubmaster sunglasses (RB4175)


  1. Hi Jessy, just a quick question on how do you store your bags? Also I noticed your bag has a leather bottom, so does it sag when it gets heavy? Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi there! I plan on getting a base shaper for this bag to address the sag. I store my purses in their respective dust bags in a big plastic storage container. : )

    2. Did you ever find a good fitting base shaper for the bag? If so, which one and where did you purchase it from? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jessy,

    I really like that it's in plaid! looks great with the shoes :)

    ~Merrie K.

  3. Have you seen the new spring collection? ADORABLE!