Where to Buy Cute Lunch Boxes

Since entering the workforce, I've been on the hunt for unique lunch boxes to use for work. I'm tired of using the same old glass or plastic rectangular boxes all the time. We should all add a little bit of personality to our daily meals! Ideally, I want one that comes with detachable utensils (forks, spoons, even chopsticks!), but it's not a big deal if they're not included.

I recently discovered Bento&co and I'm constantly browsing their website for new things. Most of their lunch boxes are small, which would be perfect for kids or those who eat small portions. Personally, I tend to eat a big lunch because it takes me a while to get home and make dinner. I do, however, want to pick up a couple of bento boxes from the site for snacks.

Below are some items I'm thinking of picking up. They send new email subscribers a $5 coupon code!

This is such a useful tool, especially if you have a small kitchen. The bottle comes with a measuring cup, a grater, and six other convenient tools.

These are just super cute (random) mini figures you can add to the inside of your fridge. They greet you every time you open the door!

I've never seen a stamp like this before. It looks like a regular office stamp, but if you look closer, it actually makes cute emoticons. It's perfect for wrapping gifts or writing cards. (^ O ^)

This pan is pretty genius and very practical too. When you're making small meals (say, breakfast), you don't want your food getting cold while you're cooking one thing at a time. You also don't want to waste energy by having multiple pans/pots on the stove at a time either. The best solution would be to cook them all simultaneously in a perfectly divided pan! This way, everything would be nice and warm for your meal. : ) This one is a must-have for me.

Check out their site and let me know what you think!

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  1. I love the post dear! Great pics:)