Shades of Grey

Forever 21 braided wool trim fedora | Banana Republic grey cardigan with leather pockets | Gap navy scoopneck t-shirt
Wilfred Free Sauvage leather leggings via Aritzia | Alexander Wang Rockie bag (Tundra) | Sam Edelman Etienne leopard loafers

I tend to make a weird face like I'm about to sneeze in my outfit pics, which is why I'm always looking down. Whoops! Anyway, I'm still not sick of these leather leggings or the fedora. They might not be considered "basics" by most people, but they're definitely part of my everyday wardrobe. People tend to ask me if I get sweaty or uncomfortable in leather pants/leggings, but I've never complained about them. I can move in them just fine, but it would obviously be harder to do the splits in them than regular leggings ; ) Not that I can even do the splits LOL

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