My Favourite Sheinside Pieces (with Outfit Photos)

Many people have questioned whether the quality of the items from all of these Asian online retailers is really worth it. I've read a lot of stories about shipping, customer service, and prices online, but I've never really had a huge problem with these stores. I've partnered with a couple before through my blog, but I've also been a paying customer many times. Even a few of my friends have made orders with no complaints. A reader emailed me about this topic and I decided to make a blog post about it since I'm sure a lot of you are curious too!

With this blog post, I hope to share my positive experiences with one of my favourite Asian retailers, Sheinside. Out of the many, many pieces I own from this store, only a handful of them were unsatisfying in terms of quality and I always note them on my blog or Instagram (or I don't share the pieces at all).

This is one of my newer pieces from Sheinside, but I already know that I'll be wearing it often. Who knew I'd love pink so much? The length at the back is just long enough to cover the bum when wearing leggings, but you can also do a front tuck (what I like to do) when wearing jeans. The quality and drape of this is really good. For those interested, this is currently part of Sheinside's "buy one get one 50%" promo.

I've been looking for a nice, fitted breton striped sweater for the longest time. Although I still haven't found "the one" yet, this one has been a good candidate. The only issue I have with it is the that the sleeves are a tad bit too short. Personally, I prefer having sleeves that reach the base of my thumb, so not everyone would have an issue with this.

By now, many of you guys and my Instagram followers know how much I love reversible blanket scarves. Too bad it's summer right now (not that I'm complaining!!)... These scarves are not static-y, they're huge, and would make a great throw when you're not into wearing them anymore. : )

The shape and overall fit of this dress is really cute, which was why I ordered it in the first place. The length isn't as short on me as it is on others, which makes it great for the office. I like that it's a half-sleeve dress because it usually gets chilly for me at work. I don't like wearing full long-sleeved cardigans/sweaters because it gets too warm, so this is a good compromise.

And finally, this dress would be my #1 favourite piece from Sheinside. Unfortunately, it's been out of stock for a while, but my fingers are crossed for you!! The quality, fit, and style of this are amazing and I don't talk about it enough!

Some FAQs:
Fit: Everything they sell fits differently and they always offer measurements for each size in their description boxes. Many of their customers upload fit/outfit photos to the "Style Gallery" under each description. I always refer to this when it's available.
Quality: I tend to make my own judgements on this based on close up pics, customer reviews at the bottom, or even by viewing their Style Gallery.
Shipping: I can only speak for myself, but shipping has always taken 2-4 weeks for me. I usually ask them to ship using regular mail to avoid duties and handling fees.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I'd be more than happy to help. : )


  1. Thanks for sharing!! :)


  2. I absolutely love the first look, it's so pretty!

    xo, Liz

  3. I've been avoiding purchasing from websites like these for awhile. I've been worried about fit and quality but both seem quite fine with the items you've shared. I'm especially loving that pink top!