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Sooo many new favourites in this outfit. Where to begin?

The Top
This sleeveless blouse can get slightly wrinkly if you don't hang it, but it's light, airy, and opaque which makes it perfect for summer. I'm wearing the pink in size S and am strongly considering the white version too. It's perfect both with work attire and with jeans. I love how the layered pieces make an outfit look a little more interesting.

The Pants
I never knew J. Crew's pants came in size 000 in regular sizing. My problem with work pants is that petite sizing fits okay at the waist, but are a tad too short for me. At almost 5'3", I hover between regular and petite sizing at many stores. :( I've tried size 00R at J. Crew before, but all of their pants were too wide on me. I accidentally came up on Ryder pants in store, which was advertised as their newest, slimmest-fitting pant and decided to give it a try. As expected, 00 was too big on me, but the sales associate told me they actually have a smaller size! Unfortunately, it was only available online, but I decided to take a chance and order them.

The inseam on these is nearly perfect as a full-length pant (it's about an inch too long) for me. The quality is amazing and I love that the pockets are actually real for once... most skinny work pants I've tried have faux or no pockets. Some of the reviews online mentioned that these pants get really wrinkled throughout the day, but I thought that was pretty much expected for all types of pants, no? Anyway, these do wrinkle but they're not as bad as people make it seem online. Overall, I'm a happy J. Crew shopper. : ) I just need them in white, which is sold out in triple zero at the moment.

The Strappy Bra
I saw this asymmetric bra by Helmut Lang ages ago and was always so tempted to get it, but couldn't justify the price. When I saw a few similar ones at Urban Outfitters at a much lower price point, I immediately ordered it. It's really not a "statement" piece per se, but I think it adds a little something to an otherwise plain outfit. I plan on ordering some more to wear this summer.

The Bag
Discussed in this review of the Givenchy Mini Antigona.

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  1. Love the look of your top.