Cute Summer Clothing (mostly dresses)

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I recently started browsing Romwe while on a hunt for dresses to wear to this summer's weddings. I can't believe I'm already at that age when friends and acquaintances are getting married! Of course, my dress hunt turned into something more as I clicked into other categories and discovered more of their clothing.

The halter floral dress above caught my eye first because I loved the silhouette and print. We all know that most brides discourage wearing white to weddings, so this colour and print combination make the perfect combination.

I also considered the zigzag skirt and asymmetric dress, but don't think I can pull them off like the models do. I'm still on the hunt for more cute summer dresses, but Romwe looks promising so far... I've never shopped from this site before, so please let me know if you've experienced their services before!


  1. I'm with you on that asymmetrical dress. I want it so badly but I'm afraid it may be one of those things that looks great only on models. lol