Experience McDonald's - Create Your Taste

Me using one of the self-serve kiosks with the hostess.
There are new things coming to all McDonald's restaurants in Canada! Keep reading to learn all about it.

If you missed my Instagram posts, a handful of bloggers, including myself, attended a media event at McDonald's where we were some of the first in Canada to use one of the "Create Your Taste" kiosks. The idea behind it is to give McD's customers a more personalized experience. Not only do we get to customize our burgers now, but we can wait comfortably at our table for our orders to arrive.

There are 30 ingredients to choose from, so the combinations are (almost) endless! My favourite addition to the menu is Sriracha <3. Everyone knows I love a bit of spice in my food. ; ) 

The ingredients I used:
Black & white sesame seed bun, Angus beef patty, Swiss cheese, Monterey Jack jalapeƱo cheese, Big Mac sauce, Sriracha, garlic aioli, 3 long-sliced pickles, grilled mushrooms, and red onions.

Currently, the self-serve Create Your Taste kiosks are only available in store at the St. Clair and Victoria Park location, but they're looking to expand to all of Canada by 2017. If you're looking to do takeout, these are their cute new boxes:

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