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Han Ba Tang soju
Infused soju flight:
Cucumber, apple cinnamon, pineapple, strawberry, citrus, ginseng, and "Suicidal" (jalapeño)

I went to Han Ba Tang for a friend's birthday earlier this summer and fell in love with it. The ambience was both relaxed and welcoming. Of course, the food was amazing as well. These pics were taken during my second visit recently and our (me and my boyfriend's) love for the place remains the same. We were here for a media tasting that had a set menu; though we enjoyed every bite, we still have our favourites. ; )
Han Ba Tang cocktails and alcohol
Above are a couple of cocktails (sorry, we ordered a bunch so I don't remember all of the names) and shots of flavoured soju on the right. My favourite flavour was actually pineapple even though I don't like the fruit! The "Suicidal" (jalapeño) wasn't spicy for me at all, so I challenge you to have a shot! ; )
Han Ba Tang tuna tartare
We started off with a Tuna Tartare Salad - this was small, but delicious.
Han Ba Tang tacos
Next up are the tacos! This was a favourite among my friends when we came in July. We even ordered another round of them! Above, we have the kalbi beef, spicy pork, and unagi (eel) tacos. We also had the lobster tacos (not shown), but my favourites were the unagi and spicy pork.
Han Ba Tang kimchi fries
Kimchi Fries with Bulgolgi! This was my favourite dish from my first visit, so I was REALLY excited when I saw it on the media menu. These fries really hit the spot in terms of temperature, crispiness, and amount of toppings.
Han Ba Tang king prawn
I'm not really into deep fried foods, so I wasn't expecting to like these Crispy King Prawns. Surprisingly, I found myself going for seconds! The prawns were very lightly battered, so there wasn't too much texture compared to the regular tempura you'd order at other restaurants. I would definitely order this again.
Han Ba Tang beef kalbijjim
The Beef Kalbijjim was extremelyyyy soft... with the meat falling off the bone because it was braised for 24 hours. Amazing!
Han Ba Tang Halloween Devil's Eyes
And last, but not least, is the Halloween special - "Devil's Eyes". The special is being offered until November 10, 2015. It's supposed to be spicy, so if you try it, let me know what you think!

Here's a little video I recorded before dinner started:

Han Ba Tang's address is 4862 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N 5N2


  1. The food looks interesting!

  2. you seem to really like spicy food! How much do you eat it??

    1. Quite often! I'll actually be posting more spicy food pics on my Instagram soon. Stay tuned ; )