Review | Bake Code - A Euro-Asian Bakery in Toronto

One of the latest stores to pop up at Yonge & Sheppard is Bake Code, brought to you by the same people who brought the Chatime chain to Canada. Bake Code reinvented the modern bakery, combining Asian and European baking techniques with fresh ingredients daily.

Some of my favourite goods from the bakery are the Early Grey Tea Flute, the Gangnam Star (kimchi + cream cheese.. YUM!), and the Garlic & Cheese Softbread.

Bake-Code-Chatime Since this was opened by the people of Chatime, you can expect to find delicious drinks being served. Two of the drinks I tried at their media tasting were the Iced Sea Salt Coffee and Iced Sea Salt Green Tea (yum). Besides fresh bread and refreshing beverages, Bake Code also sells pastries.

Bake-Code-DessertsIt's obvious from Instagram that Bake Code has been an extremely popular spot lately. Their hashtag and geolocation is being checked into everyday! With so many options available at the store, there is something for almost everyone.

For those who understand Mandarin, this video was aired last month to promote the store's grand opening. You'll see some clips of their baking process and a sneak peek of some of their baked goods. The ending advertises the "buy 3 get 1 free" promo they had back in September.

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