Review of Chef's Plate - Prepared Meal Kit Delivery

I was super excited when Chef's Plate reached out to me with an opportunity to try one of their meal delivery plans. If you've never heard of them, they're a meal delivery service that's perfect for busy people, those who are new to cooking, or people who just want to cook something new each night! Fresh pre-portioned ingredients are delivered right to your front door ready to be prepared. Six new recipes are introduced each week, so you'll always have something different.

Chef's Plate has two different meal plans we can choose from - a 2-person plan or a 4-person plan. At $10.95 per meal, I think it's pretty reasonable considering the amount we spend on an average dinner anyway. This service saves you the time and gas (or transit) money that you would've spent going to the grocery store.

Keep reading to see which two meals I picked for my boyfriend and I to prepare. : )

Chicken Legs in a Paprikash Sauce over sweet pea rice

Chef's Plate Review - Chicken Legs
I made my order without knowing what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the ingredients were bundled in cute little portions. Each bundle was ready for a two-person meal, which my boyfriend and I found hard to believe. They looked so tiny!

Lo and behold...

Chef's Plate Review - Chicken LegsThose little packages of ingredients really did create two perfectly portioned dinners! The recipe cards that Chef's Plate provides are perfect for sticking to your fridge or saving in a folder for future meals. The ingredients are honestly not hard to find if you ever wanted to remake a meal.

If you are unsatisfied with the service received or the ingredients, you can always reach out to their team. My chicken leg package was supposed to come with two drumsticks and two chicken thighs, but we were actually missing a piece. They told me that in the rare case that this happens to a customer, they would add plate credits to their account for future orders.

Our second meal was...

Japanese Miso Noodles with king oyster mushrooms, broccoli, and togarashi.

Chef's Plate Review - Japanese Miso NoodlesAgain, these packets are super cute and organized. They're labelled for easy access and packaged appropriately (e.g. the mushrooms in a brown paper bag).
Chef's Plate Review - Japanese Miso Noodles
The "soft-boiled eggs" we made can definitely be improved, but otherwise, this meal was pretty good! We made it for lunch the next day and the portions kept us satisfied until dinner time.

I had a really good experience with Chef's Plate despite the missing chicken thigh (not a huge issue since it didn't make a difference to the taste and quality of the meal). I highly recommend this service to anyone who loves to cook (or wants to learn), or someone who is simply too busy to grocery shop and plan meals.

At the moment, Chef's Plate only offers delivery to Ontario, B.C., Alberta, and Manitoba, but they're looking to expand their delivery area (click here to check your postal code). If you're interested in trying them out, use this link to get three free plates! and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Chef's Plate sent me this 2-person meal plan for review consideration. I do not receive commission from the link and all opinions are my own.


  1. This is actually AMAZING. Just checked out their menu and everything looks really good and "instagram worthy". Is this a subscription based service?

    1. They really care!

      Yes, but you can cancel at any time. : )

  2. Looks nice :)
    Maria V.