Review | Ramen Isshin

White Sesame Shio Ramen
100% natural sea salt, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms, soft boiled marinated egg, pork belly cha shu, green onions, grind your own white sesame seeds & thin wavy noodles

Most people I talk to don't understand my love for ramen. To many, it's just a simple bowl of noodle soup that people can "instantly" make at home. I think the ramen craze started in the summer of 2012 in Toronto... a bunch of ramen shops just popped up downtown and I ended up trying almost all of them. Now, there are too many out there! The latest place I tried was Ramen Isshin, located in Kensington-Chinatown.

Ramen-Isshin-Chicken-KaraageFor the appetizer, my boyfriend chose the Chicken Karaage - Super crispy, crunchy, juicy bites of Japanese style deep fried chicken served with kupe mayo.

And I chose one of my favourite Japanese snacks - Takoyaki - Deep fried battered octopus formed into balls topped with bonito flakes, takoyaki sauce & kupe mayo.

P.S. You might want to check out Ramen Isshin's video below to see what the right (and polite) way of eating ramen is. ; )

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