Zara Girls Daisy Dress

Zara metal teardrop applique necklace // Zara Girls Daisy Dress (same style in Paisley) // Vince Camuto Hawn ankle boots

One of my Black Friday finds last month was this Zara Girls 'Daisy Dress' (sold out). I find myself constantly venturing into the junior departments because their sizing fits me well and I save a little on the tax! Kids clothing in Ontario are only taxed at 5%, as opposed to the full 13% the adults have to pay. :(

I find that at Zara, they usually make junior versions of popular pieces from their adult section, so I recommend checking that part of their site out if you can! For reference, I usually wear size 11-12 or 13-14 at Zara. The dress I'm wearing above is size 13-14.

If you celebrated, hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend with your loved ones!


  1. I absolutely love the children’s section at ZARA. Sadly, I find that sizing can be a little bit tricky sometimes and we don’t have a brick and mortar in our area. Love the daisy dress on you! Would never have guessed it was from the children’s section. (Which is really why I love a lot of their girls’ clothing.)

    1. I agree! Kids sizing can be a bit tricky. Too bad you guys don't have a store in your area! I usually order two sizes online and return whatever doesn't work at the store.

      And yes, Zara kids clothing are definitely a little more mature!

  2. Love your dress, look fashion and stunning