Cowl Neck Sweater Dress (with Pockets!)

turtleneck-cowl-neck-sweater-dress-fedora Featuring this cozy Shein dress (c/o)
I was looking for this type of dress the whole fall/winter season, but I just couldn't find one that:
  1. Fit well
  2. Didn't have an uncomfortable neck, and
  3. Had pockets (important!)
I came across this dress while browsing Shein and immediately placed an order. I'm actually wearing this after washing and drying, so I'm not sure if it shrank or not since I didn't try it on beforehand. Oops. Some things I like about this dress:
  1. The pockets are perfect for holding my iPhone 6 without making that area look too bulky.
  2. The knee length is perfect for all occasions and cold weather.
  3. The neck isn't too tight, but at the same time, it's not so big that it's overpowering my neck.
  4. Sleeve length is perf.
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  1. you look great! I really love your outfit!!


  2. This is such a great look! Stylish yet clearly so comfy!