Shopping for Engagement Rings with Michael Hill

Michael Hill Engagement Rings
My boyfriend and I met in university and moved in after five years of being together. This year, we’ll be hitting our seven-year mark! We’ve always talked about getting married, but the plan wasn’t set into motion until he brought up engagement ring shopping recently.

As if on cue, Michael Hill reached out to me to write a post about engagement rings last month. I happily obliged as this gave my boyfriend and I a gentle push towards ACTUALLY going out to try on rings. Michael Hill at CF Markville (formerly Markville Shopping Centre) was the first store we ventured into. Keep on reading to see what my experience was like!

Before Going
I’ve been following wedding inspiration boards (haven’t pinned in a long time), Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages for a couple of years now. I enjoy seeing how others plan their celebrations because I have a genuine interest in event planning. Going in, I knew what I wanted – a basic “square-shaped” (princess cut) diamond ring with a sparkly band. I also didn’t mind considering a rounded square (cushion cut) or a cushion cut with a halo (basically a diamond border around it). At the same time, I also knew what I didn’t want – which was anything yellow or round or teardrop shaped.

At the Michael Hill Store
Michael Hill - Markville Store
We met up with the store manager, Josh, and Elaine, who educated us on everything from cuts to carats to all the amazing store policies. Elaine kept what I was looking for in mind, but suggested that I try everything out because many people who come in with an idea can end up with something different. Some of the styles I tried on include the princess cut, cushion, marquise (diamond shape), halo cushion, and the triple diamond. These were all extremely beautiful and aside from the princess, I really liked the triple diamond (which was unique) and the halo cushion.

Michael Hill - Engagement Ring Shopping
Left: Wearing the princess cut diamond with a wedding band to see how the pair looks together
Top: The triple diamond – each one is a princess cut (loving the unique look of this)
Middle: Cushion cut with a halo
Bottom: Teardrop

Michael Hill rings range anywhere from $99 to as much as $20,000, so there really is something for everyone. Their amazing policies are also worth noting; including their lifetime diamond warranty (from normal wear), price guarantee (110% refund if the diamond doesn’t meet or exceed current retail price), and lifetime trade-up policies (put the original price of your ring towards another ring you want). Click here for more info on their policies.

After Leaving
Our knowledge about rings definitely increased after leaving the store. We now have a better understanding of pricing and diamond grading, which will help us ask better questions when we explore other stores and brands. Special thanks to Elaine for being so knowledgeable and guiding us through everything and thank you to Josh for helping us along the way!

For the Boys
  • Don’t fret if you don’t know anything about diamonds or ring shopping. It’s not an activity that most people do every day, so you definitely aren’t the only one. Just make sure you speak with someone knowledgeable who can answer all of your questions without being pushy.
  • It’s always a good idea to take notes when you’re shopping with your significant other. Make a mental note of what she likes, comments on, etc. so that you’ll have a solid idea of what to surprise her with when the time comes.
  • Set a reasonable budget and don’t worry about the whole “two months’ salary” rule. That was just one heck of a great marketing campaign that unfortunately still scares men to this day. : )
Which style(s) do you prefer? Are you engaged or ring shopping too? I'd love to hear about your experiences because we still have a lot to learn! : )

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Michael Hill, but all opinions are my own.


  1. If anyone is considering a round brilliant, I would highly advise looking into the Holloway cut advisor. It's a formula to basically calculate potential light return ("sparkliness"). I'm not sure if they have a similar calculator for other shapes, though I hope they do. B&M diamond stores mean well, but more often then not the sales associates can only sell you the best diamond they have "in stock", and this may not be the best diamond you could actually afford if you were to go with someone that would source the diamond for you. Just my two cents

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