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After our weekend getaway in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, Will and I decided to head downtown again. This time, we decided to walk a large chunk of it in order to hit up the spots that were on our list.

Although the walk looks long on Google Maps, it wasn’t tiring because we made stops along the way, including at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Graffiti Alley, and Nathan Phillips Square (right in front of Toronto City Hall).

Ripley’s Aquarium
From touching stingrays to spotting sharks in the “Dangerous Lagoon” (which has the longest moving sidewalk in North America), Will and I soaked up every bit of the experience.

The aquarium is located right below the CN Tower and is very close to the Rogers Centre. They’re both iconic Toronto landmarks, but I highly recommend visiting the CN Tower if you have the chance. You’ll get an amazing view of the whole city from above.

Graffiti Alley
Toronto is full of beautiful street art – whether it’s in the architecture or the alleys, there’s something interesting to see at every corner. Graffiti Alley spans about a kilometre, running west from Spadina Ave. to Portland St. We always try to spot something new when we walk through this alley.

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Kekou Gelato
By the time we left Graffiti Alley, we were in need of something cool and refreshing. Being only a 3-minute walk away, Kekou Gelato was the perfect spot to cool down at. One of my favourite flavours they offer is Vietnamese coffee. For the adventurous, durian is a good flavour too. ;)

Nathan Phillips Square / Toronto City Hall
There’s always something happening in this area, no matter what time of year it is. During the summer, you’ll find live music, food stands, people sitting by the water enjoying the view, and more people walking around with their cameras in hand.

If you’re here during the holiday season, the Cavalcade of Lights is a must-see. For couples, the experience is especially romantic thanks to the beautiful lights, a fireworks show, music, and a skating rink.

Quick tip: If you’re in Toronto this year, visit the iconic TORONTO sign because we have no idea how long it’ll be around for!

No matter how much time you spend walking in the city, it never feels tiring because there are so many things to see and experience. We were so focused on sightseeing and visiting different stores (many of them not mentioned here since I don’t want to make this post any longer) that we didn’t realize how fast time had gone by that day.

Canada’s largest city and most-visited destination, Toronto is Canada’s downtown. Toronto blends the best of modern Canadian diversity and inclusiveness with big-ticket events, top attractions, restaurants, music, architecture, culture and festivals in one of the world’s most unique and exciting cities.

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