My Travel Itinerary - Osaka, Japan

Osaka Travel Itinerary

This was our rough itinerary for our short stay in Osaka. Feel free to use it and share it with your friends!  Keep in mind we did a lot of exploring and shopping in between activities that aren't included in this post.

Day One (just the evening)
We landed at Narita Airport in the afternoon and had to grab our portable wifi and JR passes (see my Japan travel tips post for more info), so we didn't get to Osaka until late evening. Not to mention the commute from NRT to where we were staying in Osaka was about 4.5 to 5 hours long.
  • Since it was already late in the evening, we just around Dotonbori (downtown area). Dotonbori was one our favourite areas of Osaka and a must-visit. This area is packed with stores, restaurants, people, and a lot of lights and activity. We went back every night because there was so much to explore.
Photo by @itswillwong
Don't forget to visit the Glico man sign when you're in Dotonbori!
Day Two (first full day)
  • We visited the Osaka Castle, where you can get a beautiful view of the city. You have to pay to get into the castle, but the park is free for you to walk and explore. They have a few food stands there, which was where I picked up this green tea soft serve.
  • Had lunch at Daisiki Suisan Sushi-Go-Round. We had trouble finding this place, not knowing it was located in an underground passageway. I loved this place! Everything was fresh and the conveyor belt was a great experience. (My photo on Instagram.)
View from the Hep Five ferris wheel
  • Went to Hep Five which is a large shopping centre. It also has a ferris wheel based out of the 7th floor of the building. (This was also where Will proposed. : ))
    • You'll stay in the Hep Five area for a while as there are a LOT of stores to browse both in the mall and on the streets.
  • Went to the Umeda Sky Building, also known as the Floating Garden Observatory. There's an admission fee if you want to go all the way to the top, but you can otherwise visit the lower floors to see the view and buy souvenirs. We recommend going at night for the best view (see my IG post).
  • We got Cremia soft serve somewhere in the area, but I completely forgot which store it was at. Cremia soft serve is sold at many dessert places, so you can just do a quick Google search for them. It's realllyyyy good, but melts very quickly.
Day Three (last day)
  • We had planned to visit Universal Studios in Osaka, but decided not to. They have this crazy Attack on Titan stuff that would've been hilarious to see in person, so maybe next time. :(
  • So we just explored Dotonbori, walked a lot, and did some shopping. First stop: Michelin star restaurant, Ajinoya Okonomiyaki. They opened at 11:30am, but the line started way before then. We actually tried going there on our first night, but they weren't able to accommodate us.
  • For dessert, we bought half a dozen cheese tarts from Pablo (which, by the way, is coming to Toronto!).

Cats at Neko No Jikan (cat cafe in Osaka)
  • We pretty much wandered around aimlessly until we came across a small cat cafe called Neko No Jikan. We already own two cats, so cat cafes weren't on our itinerary but since we had time, we took a little break there. Best. decision. ever. There was a great variety of cats and they were all super adorable!
Osaka quickly became one of our favourite cities and we were sad about the short stay. I'd recommend staying at least three to four full days to experience what the city has to offer. Stay tuned for my Tokyo itinerary!

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