My Travel Itinerary - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Travel Itinerary

This was a rough itinerary for our week-long stay in Tokyo. Feel free to use it and share it with your friends!

Since we stayed in Tokyo the longest, we did a lot compared to the other cities. I'll try and condense this itinerary to a list with comments. Keep in mind we did a lot of exploring and shopping in between activities that aren't included in this post.

Day One (half day)
Tokyo was like another universe compared to the other two cities we stayed in. As soon as we got out of Shibuya Station, we were hit with a TON of people and lots of traffic. What an experience! I didn't know what to look at first because there were signs, people, and stores everywhere!
  • Went to the famous Shibuya Crossing and visited Hachiko (the dog statue) nearby
  • Uobei Sushi for dinner - (thanks for the rec, Christina!) A different type of conveyor belt sushi experience. You order on an iPad and the dishes "fly" to you on the belt. A very affordable place and perfect for solo travelers! We went back to this place a couple of times. You can also visit their parent restaurant, Genki Sushi.
Photo by @itswillwong
  • Ichiran Ramen - We first discovered Ichiran during our visit to Hong Kong in 2014 and have been craving it since. This is definitely our favourite ramen place. Open 24 hours and another great spot for solo travelers because each customer gets their own booth. We went back almost everyday (and sometimes, twice a day)!
Day Two
  • We planned to go to Sushi Dai (3-star Michelin restaurant) at the Tsukiji Fish Market, but after learning the lineup tends to start around 3am, we nixed the idea. We still went to the market, but ate at Tsukiji Itadori Market. (See my Instagram post.) If you're not into raw seafood, I don't recommend coming to the market at all, to be honest.
    • Although this is one of the top sights to see in Tokyo, I don't think I'd go back again based on my experience there. People were overlapping with each other, shoving, pushing strollers, and pulling their luggage around in an already tight space. I'm really not into crowds, especially on hot and rainy days. (Though it might've been busy because they announced the market's closure (they're moving) a while back but that has now been delayed.)
Photo by @itswillwong
Day Three
  • We had wanted to go to Tsuta, a Michelin-starred ramen place, but again nixed the idea because we refused to wake up so early to line up for tickets. The tickets will let you know when to come back later in the day (neat idea, but that meant we would've had to hang around for a while).
  • We also planned to visit the Meiji Temple, but by then, we had done enough temple visits so decided to skip it.
  • Lunch at Ippudo Ramen (my IG post)
  • Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo
Photo by @itswillwong
  • Ringo (above) - BEST apple custard pies!!!  Don't be intimidated by the lineup. It actually goes by very fast since everything's made already. People are just lining up to pay and pick up.
  • Piss Alley / Memory Lane - A narrow alley in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Lots of bars and restaurants. These are likely the types of restaurants you see on TV shows.
  • Taito Station - Arcade games and claw machines (see my IG post)
Photo by @itswillwong
  • Explored the Harajuku area (FYI, Takeshita Street (above) is extremely crowded. People were literally shoulder-to-shoulder when we were there in the evening.)
    • There are a couple of small streets in the area that are full of streetwear brands (Supreme, BAPE, sneakers, etc.) if you're into that.
Day Four
Day Five
  • Honda Welcome Plaza - free admission to check out their cars/motorcycles and view a live demonstration (only a couple of shows per day) of ASIMO by Honda, the world's most advanced humanoid robot
  • Sometaro Okonomiyaki for dinner - Be prepared to remove your shoes and sit on bamboo mats
  • Senso-Ji Temple - We walked through the area at night so everything was closed, but it was a nice walk!
Day Six
  • I forgot to mention above that we went to Hanamaru Udon (outside of Shibuya Station's west entrance) a few times for breakfast. This is probably considered as "fast food" as everything's sort of pre-made, but having a hot bowl of udon noodle soup in the morning is THE best! Prices are great too.
  • We didn't do anything new during our last day in Tokyo. We just went back to all of the places we loved (including Loft, my FAVE store).

In case you missed it, check out my last blog post for tips to read before travelling to Japan! Other Japan travel itineraries I put together: Osaka and Kyoto.


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