New 'Winter Warmers' Menu Items at Teriyaki Experience

If you know me, you know my favourite comfort food is anything soup-based. Noodle soup, creamy soup, regular soup, and even congee are dishes I can eat for the rest of my life. When I heard that Teriyaki Experience just launched their new soup and ramen bowls, I was excited to try them.

They're currently offering ramen for a limited time only and miso soup (a permanent item) across all Teriyaki Experience locations!

I ordered the ramen noodles with shrimp and spicy broth along with their gyoza and miso soup to try. I was disappointed in how the "spicy broth" was just their mild soup with a spoonful of chilli sauce on top (something I could've done myself!). Other than that, I really like how they use fresh ingredients and make your ramen on the spot.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Teriyaki Experience, but all opinions are my own.


  1. These turned out absolutely stunning! I love them and I'll bet these were completely delicious!

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